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Get access to the best tire services at Wilburn’s Collision Service. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your vehicle’s tires, let our expert technicians take a look at them and determine what needs to be done. Whether your tires need to be repaired, patched, balanced, or replaced, you can count on our team to quickly address the problem — getting you back on the road safely.

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Why Schedule A Tire Service Immediately
Do you notice any issues with your tires? Don’t ignore them and bring your vehicle to Wilburn’s Collision Service right away. Driving on a damaged tire is dangerous and can put you and other people at risk. On top of that, delaying a tire service can make the potential issue worse and lead to more expensive repairs.

To ensure safe and comfortable driving, have your tires examined by our technicians at the first sign of trouble. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and perform all necessary repairs. In case the damage is beyond repair, we’ll help you find the best replacement tires for your vehicle.

Experience Reliable Tire Services & More
When it comes to reliable tire services, Wilburn’s Collision Service is the best shop to get in touch with. We have been a trusted auto service provider in Jamestown, IN for more than 30 years. Whatever type of damage your tires had sustained, our team will deliver the level of service your vehicle requires.

We also sell all major brands at competitive prices. Call us today for a list of brands!

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